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Why are Eames lounge chairs so popular?

When it comes to casual chairs, have to name Eames plastic chair casual chairs, known as the classic. Eames plastic chair's lounge chair is an American-born lounge chair designed by Mr and Mrs Eames plastic chair. Since the first Eames leisure chair came out in the 1950s, it has gradually been loved by the society and finally swept the world. In 2003, Eames plastic chair's casual chairs were listed among the world's best product designs. On the 2006 ICFF, Eames plastic chair's casual chairs caught people's attention and gave off a glow. What is the unique charm of the leisure chairs in Eames plastic chair, so popular and loved by the public?

First of all, from the point of view of work, the bending plate of Eames leisure chair is made of seven layers of wood, with sour branch skin, cherry bark or walnut skin, with natural color and texture. The aluminum leg had black painted five-star aluminum legs or silver polished aluminum legs. High-elastic sponges are placed in the seat, back rest and arms, and the chair can rotate 360 degrees with pedals. Sitting on the casual chair in Eames plastic chair, will be very comfortable, have the effect of reducing pressure, eliminate fatigue.

Why are Eames lounge chairs so popular?

The leisure chairs in Eames plastic chair have a wide range of applications and show elegant taste in life. Its craftsmanship is exquisite and designed entirely for comfort, but the creative way of matching leather cushions on a shaped plywood base is ergonomic and comfortable to sit on. Eames plastic chair is a casual chair, simple and fashionable, full of modern sense, interesting and functional, smooth and delicate.

Sitting in a casual chair in Eames plastic chair, reading, resting, and talking to people are great choices. One prominent feature is the ability to rotate 360 degrees. Any angle can be rotated, free and comfortable.

The Eames plastic chair chair and foot pedal creativity also represents a combination of modern technology and traditional ways of leisure. It is designed to be completely comfortable. In addition, the combination of leather mats on the molded plywood floor is also very creative. The chair is still in use in many commercial and residential environments, and the durability of its design can be seen.