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What are the characteristics of common Eames plastic chair?

Chairs are common in modern life. Especially in large office areas. The kind of chair, design, material is more diverse, everyone in the purchase, can according to their own needs and configuration of the region to buy. Eames plastic chair chairs are a common style, and chairs in this style are comfortable to sit on.

Actually Eames plastic chair chairs are more common. The board, which is bent together, is made of seven layers of music, with a natural color and texture. With aluminum feet, generally use black or silver aluminum feet. It looks good and strong. Sitting is more comfortable, can relieve stress, eliminate fatigue, suitable for long-term office workers.

What are the characteristics of common Eames plastic chair?

The characteristics of Eames plastic chair:

1. This piece is a member of the EamesPlasticChair series, and the comfortable chair cover is made of plastic with glass fiber reinforcement. It is planned to combine various foot rests to increase the diversity of application. Interestingly, the innovative technology and materials of EamesPlasticChair can make it a prolific single chair in Quan Yi.

2. At present, the entire series of EamesPlasticChair has finally been re-carved, using environmentally-friendly and recyclable polypropylene materials to produce a chair cover with beautiful lines. Not only light weight, heat resistance and chemical resistance are good.

3. Choose the popular maple leaf material as a chair foot plan. Clean and elegant, bring warm smell to the room. It is better to like nature.

As people's pace of life continues to accelerate, time is becoming more and more important, so it is necessary to choose in leisure can also achieve good results of the tool.

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