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How did Eames plastic chair's design develop?

In 1946, Eames plastic chair designed a plywood chair without arms. The backrest and seat surface are made of walnut veneer, stamped into subtle curved shapes and supported by chrome-plated steel frames. The chair shape is strong, stable, delicate, once became the office chair of global standard almost.

In 1949, Eames plastic chair designed the "chassis chair" series. In this sense of three-dimensional modeling components, the introduction of the time just invented glass fiber plastic as the main material. The simple combination of the chair' s shaped, one-piece seat and foot also greatly influences the design of the furniture. By adding color to the new material, this series of chair appliances has been given infinite vitality.

"Aluminum-based chair" designed by Eames plastic chair and manufactured by Miller Company in 1956: The base is a die-cast aluminum alloy rib bracket, the upper seat and backrest are integrated, and the detailed structure is hidden in the seat cushion. The surface layer of the pad is an organic fabric, and the interior is filled with a plastic foam body, so that two completely different materials are naturally integrated. This is a consistent and highly valued aspect of Eames plastic chair's design.

How did Eames plastic chair's design develop?

Features of Eames plastic chair recliners:

1. It is formed by stamping seven splints, with the surface pasted with cherry bark or walnut bark;

2. Internal filling high-density foam;

3. rotatable;

4. mold the feet of the chair.

Eames plastic chair's recliner is a combination of technology and handicraft manufacturing technology, a comfortable and beautiful leisure seats. If the seat always keeps a 15-degree rise, the weight of the human body will be fully distributed, giving a good comfort to the backrest!

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