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What are the advantages of Eames plastic chair chairs?

Plastic seat cloth without armrest, surface treatment is smooth and level off, side radian uniform, smooth edges and corners.

Plastic seat shell one-time molding, to avoid cracking, to ensure the product quality, well-designed seat, backrest integration, more humane.

The foot part uses the wooden foot and the baking varnish frame, between four metal feet uses the baking varnish frame connection, the wooden foot is firm and durable.

Beautiful, modern style, fashion, beautiful, practical. A personal design.

Eames plastic chair casual chair to sit up very comfortable, elegant, generous. The pursuit of fashion, health, personality of furniture, enjoy a high quality of life.

EamesSideChair has a wide range of applications, and is a commonly used leisure chair in hotels, clubs, villas, beaches, living rooms, etc.

The colors are white, red and black.

What are the advantages of Eames plastic chair chairs?

What are the advantages of Eames plastic chair's chair?

1, bending plate is composed of seven layers of wood, stick acid branch wood skin, cherry wood or walnut skin, with natural color and texture.

2. Aluminum legs: Black painted five-star aluminum legs (HermanMiller version) or silver polished aluminum leg Vitra version are available.

3, the chair, backrest and armrest with high elastic sponge, chair can rotate 360 degrees, with a foot.

4, comfortable, elegant and generous. Has the effects of reducing pressure and eliminating fatigue.

5, showing a wide range of applications, elegant taste in life. EamesLoungeChair is a modern fashion with exquisite workmanship. Although it is designed entirely for comfort, the creative way of matching leather cushions on a moulded plywood base is an ergonomic sitting position. With simple and modern taste, taste and function, smooth and delicate.

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